May 25, 2020

AutoComplete decides which old cars deserve a remake – Video

With Final Fantasy seven getting a remake, it got us wondering what kind of cars deserve a remake too.
That’s why I’m talking to Andrew Croc and Steve Ewing about which cars need to be brought back with modern takes on On styling technology, etc.
So with the advent of Final Fantasy sevens big remake and the internet losing its mind over that kind of got me thinking what?
You know what cars deserve that same treatment, what cars were not super popular for whatever reason whether it’s technology or styling when they came out but you think we do better now.
So let’s let’s start with Stephen here, I’m sure terrible pick.
It’s a great pick for the record.
I am picking the accuracy dx, which I know everyone hates because it’s ugly and it’s dumb or looking or whatever but so here’s my argument.
Now the whole idea of cross over coupe or coupe overs as we like to call them.
Those are super popular, basically you look every single luxury auto maker in [UNKNOWN].
Every SUV has a quote unquote couple variant of it.
And that’s essentially what ZDX was.
It Think of it like as a coupe version of the RDX cuz it was about that same size.
You could basically share that kinda power thing with it.
The the big things about this CDX were that it was, A, it was just horrifically ugly and B, because of the sophisticated rear suspension setup.
It ate into the cargo bay like really badly.
So the space that you would normally get in a crossover just totally didn’t really work but I feel like if you brought it back and did it as like a RDX, coupe, it could totally Totally still work.
I mean, the redeeming qualities of the CDs were that it had a great interior for the passengers like super well put together like any accurate like any Honda really good tech inside.
It was very quiet and had a great sound system and it was actually really good to drive, so.
What do people look for in like a new Kupo or type thing?
They’re not really buying it for practicality because obviously that’s what the standard SUVs are for.
But for style and comfort and good driving dynamics, I mean the ZDX did that already, so it could totally do it again.
So for my pick, I’m choosing the Mazda rotary engine pickup, aka the repo They only made about 3000 of them.
It was in the late 70s.
Unfortunately, rotary engines are pretty thirsty and they’re not very good for emissions.
But I think that nowadays with sort of small to medium size trucks coming back and This entrance in having trucks that are kind of performance oriented?
I think that like there there could be a market for something that like, I think Monster could stand out from the Ford Rangers and the Chevy Colorado ZR2s or whatever, with something that sounds like you put A bunch of bees in a coffee can and shook them up.
I mean, nowadays, obviously, emissions are tighter, fuel economy is even more important but we have all kinds of cool technology like direct injection, and turbos and stuff have gotten a lot more efficient and better than they were in the 80s and 90s.
And it’s something that Mazda could do to get into a segment that it hasn’t really done.
And how about you, Andrew?
?>> Well, I’m going a little bit different.
I am choosing the Dodge Neon, not because it wasn’t unpopular.
They had.
Over 100,000 over 200,000 sales at least in the early 90s.
When it first came out, I’m picking it because I think it died the death of didn’t deserve.
The Dodge Neon was for its time a cool fresh compact car.
It was Later on available with a screaming four cylinder putting out 200 and I think it was 30 horsepower and 250 pound feet of torque, it could accelerate in S2000.
I mean, that’s pretty awesome for a front wheel drive compact car.
But then, for some reason, Daimler Chrysler decided to stop doing that.
And then they replaced it with the Dodge calibre, which is trashed, and everything after that was bad.
They tried to bring the compact car back in the shape of the Dodge Dart.
That was the Dart was really bad.
That was one of the worst cars I’ve ever driven.
It was-
The Dart was not good.
It was a damn shame of a car.
And for something as kind of cool and fun as the Neon was at the time, for something that was great then, I don’t think it deserved the slow death of deformation that it received, so I’m going with that.
Okay, well, I mean, in response to your pick, Andrew, yeah, they sold a zillion Neons.
But as we all know popularity is not necessarily an indicator of taste, you know jenko jeans sold jeans and and has since been consigned to the dustbin of history.
Not anymore.
They’re making a comeback.
Here’s what’s interesting.
This thing is this whole idea of Dodge killing a small compact car then coming out with a small, terrible compact crossover.
Isn’t that if you told me that same story in the year 2019 wouldn’t make a ton of sense I think he was really just like the whole idea of shifting from this small sedan to a small crossover type vehicle was just way ahead of its time and people weren’t really ready for that sort of change yet.
And I mean, to be totally fair to your terrible pick Totally still work.
I mean, the redeeming qualities of the CDs were that it had a great interior for the passengers like super well put together like any accurate like any Honda really good tech inside.
It was very quiet and had a great sound system and it was actually really good to drive Just imagine the RDX which I think looks pretty good.
Just imagine that and then like, you know, take a protractor to it and cut the whole back end off, I think would be fine.
They could also do the the thing that a lot of people are doing with the crossover type things where You like maybe make it an inch wider you lower it like an inch and a half and just.
20 grand more for it?
Right, but instead of the standard wheels being 18 you make them 19 or something and instead of the biggest ones being 20s and make it 21, you just do everything like up one and then yeah, charge an extra 20 grand for it.
There we go.
And yeah, my pic is weird and totally unattainable
Hasn’t been addressed because it doesn’t make any sense.
[CROSSTALK] Yeah I don’t
I don’t even know what to say because I’m like
I’m trying to To create the better world that I want to live in>> You are trying to create a Japanese Cyclone.
Well, there we go, gents.
That’s the great sort of advice that we can give to the car industry is that they should Probably just remake the ZDX and, now I’m going to go contemplate career choices for a while.
So clovers, that’s the answer.>> I guess.
That’s it for this episode of autocomplete.
I’ve been Kyle Hyatt.
You’ve been hopefully avoiding the outdoors.
And if you like what we’re doing, please hit the subscribe notification and like buttons.
We’ll talk to you soon.
Stay healthy.

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