March 9, 2021
At CES, phone screens roll out into table size - Video

At CES, phone screens roll out into table size – Video

At CES in the past, we’ve seen curved screens, foldable screens, bendable screens.
And now this year a couple of major tech companies are rolling out rollable screens.
I’m C|NET’s Kara Tsuboi with a look at this latest phone innovation.
LG was the first to tease its new phone with an expandable screen at its press conference on Monday.
When the phone is in landscape mode, the screen looks like it rolls up to make the phone appear more like a tablet.
Great for watching videos.
LG did not formally address the details or mechanics of the phone in their presentation.
But there must be a mechanism for the screen to unroll perhaps something similar to the rollable televisions they’ve introduced in previous years.
Sources familiar with LG tell CNET that this rollable phone is not just a concept.
And could be available for sale later this year.
A little more conceptual but equally intriguing are two rollable offerings from TCL.
The first is a phone whose screen can grow from 6.7 inches to 7.8 inches with a tap of a finger.
So from a phone to a tablet to a mirror As we then see a woman using the device to apply lipstick andg their corporate video.
The second gadget is a rollable scroll that unfold to a 17 inch OLEDg display.
And TCL is presentation video on Monday a hiker was using the device as a map and then a communication dashboard to contacts loved ones.
Whether these two new concepts will ever hit store shelves is unclear, but nonetheless, it’s exciting to see these screens become more nimble and flexible, and perhaps widely applicable.
I’m Carlos Tsuboi with CNET.

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