February 26, 2021
Asus continues to flex its dual-display superiority with its latest ZenBook Duo laptops - Video

Asus continues to flex its dual-display superiority with its latest ZenBook Duo laptops – Video

The zenbook duo is the kind of laptop that other PC makers would show up at CES with as a concept.
But for asis, it’s already here with the second generation of this dual display laptop.
It’s smaller, lighter, runs cooler, and it’s faster with 11 Gen Intel processors.
Let’s have a look at the new model.
So with the last gen Zed book duo, this secondary display was fixed flat to the top.
So you kinda had to crane your neck some to use the screen.
Now it tilts up when you lift the lid, just like the Zephyrus duo, the company’s gaming version of this design.
ASUS used a new hinge design that lifts the 12.6 inch touch screen up to seven degrees, when you open the lid.
That also increases airflow and makes the gap between the display seem smaller.
So it’s more like you’re looking at one big display than the last generation one.
ACS calls the bottom display a screenpad plus and Windows recognizes it just like any other second display.
So you can use it for whatever you would use a second display for.
But aces also has a bunch of other functions built in.
So it can be used as a number pad or a giant touchpad or for writing input with the included active pen.
And there’s also this new control panel app with customizable dial slider and button decks.
For use with Adobe creative cloud apps.
It’s sort of like a super-sized touch bar on a Mac book, but with greater flexibility.
Now the main display here is a 14 inch full HD touchscreen.
There’s also a 15.6 inch version of this laptop.
If you want more room to work, it’s Pantone validated and it covers 100% SRG B color gamut.
Right now both panels the main display and the screenpad plus are rated with 400 nits brightness and the main display is a one watt high efficiency panel, which helps with battery life as it says that this laptop will get up to 17 hours of battery life.
So inside this you’ll find an 11 Gen Core i5 or i7 processor, optional Nvidia MX450 discrete graphics up to 32 gigs of memory and up to a terabyte NVMe SSD storage.
That should be plenty for basic content creation tests, and you’ve also got 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports.
Full Size HDMI out and a micro SD card slot for high speed access to external storage and additional displays.
The zenbook duo definitely isn’t a laptop for everyone.
But you know, that’s kind of the point.
I love that aces is always moving forward with new tech.
And with this next gen model, they really listen to their users.
And made changes to make the duo’s second display more useful.
What do you think?
Let us know in the comments and thanks for watching.

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