May 27, 2020
Apple said to be working on modular headphones, Sony not expecting high demand for PS5 - Video

Apple said to be working on modular headphones, Sony not expecting high demand for PS5 – Video

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Apple is reportedly working on a new type of over the ear wireless headphone with parts that can be swapped magnetically so the fit and the fashion can be covered.
It’s similar to how the Apple watch has many sizes and designs for its bands, a Bloomberg report, so that these headphones would compete against high-end models from Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony.
But it’s unclear if the COVID-19 pandemic could affect plans to unveil the headphones this year.
Meanwhile, Apple announced an update that should help extend the battery life of its MacBooks.
That feature is in a Mac OS update that will release later in the year.
It’s designed so that the pattern of the battery charging is detected and the computer can make changes to how the laptop charges so it reduces the rate of chemical ageing in the battery over time.
And in other news, Sony is not expecting high demand for the new PlayStation five console when it launches later this year.
According to Bloomberg, Sony is making fewer units than it did for the launch of the PS4.
The report says it’s because the high spec machine.
We’ll have a higher price tag, and that will diminish demand from early adopters.
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