January 17, 2021
Apple's HomePod Mini smart speaker might be its best smart home idea so far

Apple reveals the HomePod Mini – Video

We want to bring this experience to even more people.
So today, I’m excited to introduce the newest addition to the home pod family and I’d like to show it to you now.
This is home pod mini.
And here’s Bob to tell you all about it.
I’m so excited to tel you about HomePod mini.
It’s an incredible smart speaker with a compact elegant design that’s perfecht for your home.
It’s wrraped in a beautiful sesmless mesh fabric that not only looks great It was created specifically for its acoustic performance.
On top of home.
Pod mini is a backlit touch surface that provides controls for volume play, pause, and even illuminates when you invoke Siri.
But the design is just the beginning in creating home pod mini.
We thought carefully about what you want from a smart.
Part speaker first you want to mazing sound that ensures your music podcasts and everything you listen to sounds incredible.
Next you want to world-class intelligent assistant that helps you wherever you are.
and So our homes become smarter, you wanted to service the brain of your smart home.
Orchestrating and controlling a wide range of devices.
And finally because it’s your home, you want a smart speaker that put your privacy and security at the forefront.
All these is exactly what HomePod mania is designed to deliver And to tell you more about how we made this happen.
Let me pass it to Dave and Yale At Apple, we have a passion for music, so we knew home pub mini had it sound amazing.
We started by custom designing every acoustic element.
We created a full range dynamic driver that delivers high output while keeping distortion to a minimum.
And developed a pair of high excursion force canceling passive radiators that enable amazing base response.
We also crafted an acoustic wave guide to deliver a consistent 360 degrees sound experience enabling you to place home pod mini anywhere in order to get truly big sound out of this compact design.
We combined it with the powerful Apple s5 chip and advanced software, which altogether enables something we call computational audio.
Even before you hear the first note homepod many is analysing the unique characteristics of the music and applying complex tuning models.
optimise loudness.
Adjust the dynamic range and control the movement of the driver and passive radiators in real time.
Time and all this happens over 180 times a second.
The result is an audio experience unheard of and a speaker this size and one in the apple can deliver.
Now bringing amazing sound into your home isn’t just about breakthrough audio quality.
It’s also about letting you enjoy that sound throughout your house.
Multiple home pod mini many speakers, Can play perfectly in sync across your entire house.
That’s great for entertaining or keeping up with your favorite podcasts as you get stuff done.
When you place two in the same room, they’ll intelligently become a stereo pair filling your space with rich enveloping sound to make homepod minis the ultimate smart speaker for iPhone owners Later this year.
We’ll get a new hand off experience.
That’s truly magical using the U1 ultra-wideband chip which we introduced an iPhone Master home pod.
Mini can understand with high Precision when your iPhone is nearby Bring iPhone to [UNKNOWN] mini, and you get visual, audible and [UNKNOWN]
So it feels like your devices are physically connected as music flows from one to the other.
And of course [UNKNOWN] mini can play all of your favorite content, in addition to Apple Music You can listen to all your favourite podcasts, phone with thousands of radio stations, iHeartRadio, radio.com and TuneIN.
In the coming months you’ll be able to use services from providers like Pandora and Amazon.
And because homepop Mini has the power of Siri, anyone in the home and has to play an artists album or track.
Your playlist or even search for music by lyrics.
Hey see you play the song that goes feeling good never stressed.
Here’s Sunday best buy surfaces.
Siri on homepod Mini brings you the music you love and helps you discover new favorites.
But of course Siri does more than just play your favorite music.
Sorry more.
Here’s Yeah.
Siri is what makes a smart speaker well, smart.
Siri was the first mainstream intelligent assistant.
And today it’s the most popular in the world, available on over a billion devices and handling over 25 billion requests a month.
And Siri keeps getting better.
In the past 3 years, Siri’s gotten faster and more concise.
Speech recognition is twice as accurate and Siri knows over 20 times more facts.
Together, Siri and home pod mini, do everything you’d expect from a smart speaker from multiple timers and alarms to weather reports to answering the random questions kids think up But what really sets Homepod Mini apart is series deep integration with iPhone.
using Siri.
Homepod Mini can access the apps on your iPhone to send a message, check your calendar, make a call even find your iPhone.
And because of this, you’ll be able to ask Homepod Mini for a personal update with just a single request Hey, Siri, what’s my update.
Good morning, Jimmy.
It’s currently sunny and 72 degrees.
Your first event is at 11:00 AM gallery.
You have one upcoming reminder call Zoe,
Of course your voice.
Isn’t the only voice in your house.
Siri’s knows stop and can recognize the voices of each member of your household so that everyone gets their own personal experience.
Hey Siri, what’s my first class today?
Hey Siri, text Sonica.
I’ll pick you up in 10.>> Hey Siri play my favorites mix.
Mo favorites mix now playing And deep integration with iPhone also enables a magical experience with CarPlay, ask home pod mini, what time target closes and a serious suggestion automatically appears in CarPlay.
So when you hop in the car, the route is ready and waiting for you.
With the intelligence of Syria homeport, many helps you get things done around the home.
Next, let’s turn to the smart home.
When it comes to your home, you want comfort and convenience without complexity.
So with home iPad Mini, we’ve made the smart home simple.
iPad Mini automatically integrates with the home app.
So you can control all of your home kit accessories.
With gesture, voice, you can ask to turn down the heat block, the doors, dim, the lights set a scene.>> Hey sir.
Good morning?>> Good morning.
The scene is set.>> control multiple accessories with a single voice command.
And if you’re just getting started with your smart home, the new discover tab in the Home app makes it easy to find all kinds of great Smart Home accessories to control lighting, security, comfort, and more.
One of the most important parts of the Smart Home is communicating with your family, which is why we created Intercom.
Intercom lets you quickly send a message from one home to another in a different room or to multiple rooms throughout your home
Hey, Siri tell everyone we’re late, let’s go
We’re late.
Let’s go Hey, Siri reply.
I’m just getting my jacket, but what’s really exciting is that we’ve taken it a step further and designed Intercom to also work with your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, and even CarPlay something only Apple can do.
You’ll get a home Intercom system that goes everywhere.
A>>sk everyone who’s hungry.
I’ve got pizza.
The message will automatically play on home pod speakers throughout the home.
And a notification will appear on your family’s personal devices.
And intercomm messages will play on AirPods as well, so you can always get your kids’ attention.
Reply, right in my mind.
Intercomm helps connect the members of your home in an entirely new way.
We’re so excited about how HomePod Mini brings the power of Siri Intelligence to your smart home.
Back to Bob.
Not only is HomePod Mini packed with great features Like every Apple product, it’s designed with your privacy and security in mind.
Nothing you say is sent out of your home until you activate Siri with a touch.
Or here’s those magic words.
Hey Siri, and your requests are not associated with your Apple ID And you choose whether Apple sees your audio recordings.
Personal requests only work when your iPhone is home with you.
And all communication with smart home accessories uses strong encryption.
We can’t wait for you to enjoy the incredible experiences the new home pod mini brings to your home.
It comes in both white and Space Gray
And I’m thrilled to announced that HomePod mini will be available for just $99.
And you can order HomePod mini November 6, and they’ll start shipping the week of November 16.
So that’s HomePod mini.
With the power of computational audio, a world-class intelligent assistant Great features like intercom and tight integration with your favorite Apple devices.

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