January 27, 2021
iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories: How Apple's new snap-on magnets work

Apple boosts iPhone 12 with MagSafe tech for better wireless charging and new accessories – Video

Remember Apple’s magsafe technology?
Well it’s back and it’s about to bring AC wireless charging and a whole bunch of great accessories to your iPhone.
Apple has unveiled its Brand new iPhone 12 lineup showing off new features like better cameras and neat footage design and for the truly fancy Apple fans, a gold iPhone 12 Pro.
But among all the announcements was a very cool new feature magsafe now you might remember the old magsafe charging cables from a few years back.
They used magnetic pins to connect your cable to devices like the MacBook.
Now Apple phased out the technology in 2016 but now magsafe is back with a facelift.
The new magsafe upgrades the wireless charging technology on your iPhone with the addition of magnets.
Our wound wire coil which is unique in the industry.
Now accommodates magnets and maintains compatibility with existing Qi chargers.
The magnets are optimized for alignment and efficiency, and we improved our shielding design to safely provide up to 15 watts for faster charging.
Apple has built an array of magnets under the back cover of the iPhone, as well as an NFC sensor and a magnetometer which according to Apple Detects magnetic field strength and instantly reacts to it.
So it can recognize magnetic accessories.
The idea is to make it easier to position your phone on a wireless charger.
Now before wireless charging involves sliding your phone around, trying to find the sweet spot more often than not.
This resulted in Slower charging or no charging at all, but instead with magsafe the phone snaps into place with the magnets to get the optimal charge.
And of course with new magnets comes a whole range of new charging accessories designed for the iPhone 12 range.
That includes a magsafe charger which snaps on the back of the iPhone and a nifty fold up magsafe joueur charger.
Now this can charge your iPhone 12 and your Apple watch at the same time, which is a big win for people who like to keep all their devices in one place.
Apple also announced third party accessories from Belkin including a car mount and a multi charging dock.
But it’s not just charging Apple has opened the door to a lot of cool new accessories that can just snap on to the back of your iPhone.
The company unveiled new magsafe cases in silicon clear plastic and leather as well as a card Wallet for the back of your phone and the accessories can stack meaning you can use the magsafe charger through the panel.
Case or attach a wallet on top of your case.
And finally, there’s a leather sleeve that uses sensors to detect when your iPhone is inside to reveal the clock on the display.
Kinda like what Samsung does on its SV covers.
Now this is just the start you can bet that we’re going to see a lot of magsafe accessories both from Apple and third party manufacturers and considering this year smaller iPhone box won’t come with a charger or headphones inside.
Then you can expect you won’t just be dropping money on a new phone this year.
If you want to see everything that Apple announced at its event, then check out our Supercard which has all the highlights you need to know.
And be sure to stay tuned to CNET because we are definitely going to be putting these new iPhones to the test.
In the meantime, I need to get myself a shopping list.
I’m going to need some new headphones Magsafe charger mag said case makes a wallet makes a Filofax mag safe hatch next safe cat

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