May 27, 2020

Apple AirPods Pro or Jabra Elite 75t? Best wireless earbuds – Video

When it comes to wireless earbuds there are so many options to choose from and two of the most popular ones are the airports pro and the Jabra elite 75 T.
I’ve been wearing both of them for several months and this is the real talk about how they sound, how they perform, and just what the experience is like over the past few months so you can decide which one is best for you.
First up the big differences of course the price the votes pro $250 in the US, whereas the choppers are $180 and the next big difference is that there’s active noise cancellation on the outputs and just passive noise cancellation on the job rez.
I’m gonna talk more about that in a little bit plus the design overall comfort Things like that plus full on functionality.
But I want to start with to me what the most important part of any wireless ear buds is sound quality.
So when you take a boat straight out of the box and start listening to music.
The default sound profile on both is good.
However, I put the jobbers in my ears and all of a sudden, the default profile is just so much punchy, there’s so much more bass and I can really hear vocals, travels and mids Is quite clearly, the applets Pro is good, but compared to what I can hear on the jabras, I just prefer this sound a lot more just on default settings.
That being said, you can also tweak the default sound profile on the jabras or is there a lot of different presets within the sound plus app, the applets pro Does have an adaptive EQ, so it is changing constantly, depending on a number of different variables, but it does sound a little bit more boring than the job [UNKNOWN], doesn’t mean it’s bad.
It just means it’s more neutral.
Another part of sound quality, that’s really.
The important to talk about is of course, active noise cancellation versus passive because that does play into how the music and how other things sound to your ears.
I thought this one was a no brainer when I looked at it on paper honestly like active noise cancellation Is so good on the airports pro, it just drowns out so much of the external world.
But overall, the design on the jobbers just means that the seal is really tight.
So that passive noise isolation does a great job of blocking out the external world and Most of the time I don’t miss having active noise cancellation.
I really would choose the airpods pro if my primary use case was wanting ANC and doing a lot of traveling and a lot of commuting.
But for the most part, I think the choppers do an excellent job even though they don’t have ANC.
There’s also a mode that lets in some of the external world so that’s transparency mode on the AirPodsPro and here through on the job res I did do a three months with the AirPodsPro where I said that I just thought I didn’t use it.
I used it once or twice and I just found it kind of disorienting.
But honestly, I’ve really come to understand the use case for transparency mode in this current situation when I am looking at harm and I need to be able to hear more of the external world around me like.
The doorbell ringing or someone trying to get my attention.
So for that reason, I’ve really come to love transparency mode on the AirPods pro and I think it sounds a lot more natural on the AirPods than the equivalent here through on [UNKNOWN] as It is because well the airports have always been good at making calls.
The job has the previous versions of these the 65 tip one not great at calls, and thankfully it has improved a lot with the design and the microphone array on the 75 tip.
I don’t think it’s as good as the calls on the air pods pro just because calls remark that my voice was a little bit more isolated, but they did say that the job has made my voice a little bit more dynamic and just a little bit louder overall.
Okay apologies for this selfie video but this is audio from the air pods pro.
In your situation not too much other sound going on might be a little bit echoey in here just because the ceilings are so high okay switched over to the job rez.
This is the sound coming from the microphone from base again, same situation Indoors, a little bit of echo.
See which one sounds better to you.
Okay, let’s talk design and control.
So you know by know that the AirPods Pro have a stem, and that you can.
Click on the stem to be able to change tracks, activate transparency mode and see all that good stuff.
The jabra have a physical button that you can press that has a number of different options, you will be able to get the ability to change the configurations of the button controls.
It’s coming sometime this year and I really can’t wait for that because I do love the level of customization that you get otherwise in the app for everything else.
So it just makes sense that you should be able to change the buttons to do what you want in terms of overall fit both are pretty comfortable.
The airports pro though don’t sit as well in my ear as the choppers and I said before that I have very small ear canals and just the ear tips that are provided on the airports pro just don’t quite get small enough to create a really tight seal The jumpers just do a really good job for my particular ear shape, and they just stay in a lot better especially if I’m doing a workout.
So both of these let you take one out of the ear and the music pauses and you can use the outputs per independently The choppers though you can only use the right but independently, you don’t just have to use touch controls on both of these buds.
They also do work with voice assistance.
But this one if you are on iOS, it’s just gonna be so much better to use the airport’s Pro, because of that activation that you can just do with your voice.
I’m not going to say the trigger word I don’t want to start your voice assistant by accident.
But it’s just a lot more seamless on the AirPods Pro rather than having to push a button on the Jabras to start your Voice Assistant.
Even though you can use Alexa, the Google Assistant, or Siri.
Another really small, but underrated feature of the Jabras that I’ve really been enjoying over the past few months is Because it has multi device connection and actually speaks in your ear when it is connected to more than one device.
So maybe the cases don’t provide that much to talk about really the points of difference that I’m interested in is that the build quality feels a little bit better on the applets per overall Java is isn’t bad, it just doesn’t feel as premium as the AirPods, wireless charging on this case as well, whereas the elite 75 teams don’t have that on this case, even though there is a model that does have wireless charging, and lightning versus USBC.
Again, depending on what ecosystem you’re using That’s going to make a difference to you.
Okay, let’s talk everything else which is battery life and connectivity starting off with connectivity.
Now the chip on the airport’s Pro is just so seamless in terms of connecting to Apple devices.
It’s such a big part of why I like using the AirPods Pro.
That said Bluetooth five on the jobbers has been excellent.
I mean, this really only been very sporadic occasions when it has dropped out When I haven’t been working at home previously in the past few months, when I have been out in the office commuting, I really didn’t notice many dropouts at all.
It’s really only been in the past week or so, when I have been connecting to a computer, that I’ve noticed a few more dropouts from the [UNKNOWN] Than the AirPods Pro.
So Better your Life has actually varied a little bit over the past three months.
Now the AirPods Pro when I first Started using them.
I really did always get around five hours of listening time with active noise cancellation turned on.
Since then, I’ve had a little bit less overall charge time with the AirPods Pro with ANC turned on.
It’s closer to four and half hours now.
The [UNKNOWN] pretty similar as well in terms of that battery changing between the first few months that I was using it and now.
Seven and a half hours is the listen time that Jabra says that you get out of one charge on the buds.
That was pretty consistent.
I was getting just a little over seven hours in one listening charge from the job.
And now I’m getting probably maybe six and a half, six and three quarter hours out of that.
There are a couple of other nice touches that the job has have that I do miss on the airports pro for example, the app for the jobbers and that’s on iOS and Android.
You can adjust the sound profile with the equalizer, as I mentioned.
There’s also a soundscape feature, which is kind of nice if you do listen to your headphones as your falling asleep or later at night when you want more relaxing soundscape, for example.
Rather than looking through Spotify, Apple Music, whatever have you for A nighttime playlist you can just put on like some white noise or some ocean soundscapes my personal favorite.
I like the sound of the beach.
That’s really nice.
I think it’s a good touch.
The one thing I do miss when using the AirPods Pro compared to the Jabras is that there isn’t one consolidated way to change everything.
Yes, you can swipe down from the control center and yes you can go to the settings.
I just would like one central place to do that.
It might not be a big deal to you but I love being able to tweak with the settings and change things from one easy interface like I can on the Jabras.
So now it comes down to which one of these ear buds am I going to choose most of the time For me, most of the time I’m choosing the job is, I just love the sound from bass so much more than the default sound profile on the airport’s probe, and I just love the punchy bass.
I love just being able to hear so much more in my music.
It just sounds much more exciting.
Siding to listen to songs on the joppers than it does on the earpod per.
Thank you so much for watching.
I hope this was useful for you in either choosing between these two, or if you have one or the other and was just interested in how the other performs, if there’s something I didn’t cover, or a question that you would like me to answer, let me know and I’ll do my best.
They’ll jump in the comments.
Stay tuned for lots more comparison.
Stay home, stay safe.

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