March 7, 2021
AMD unveils Ryzen 5000 chip for gaming laptops - Video

AMD unveils Ryzen 5000 chip for gaming laptops – Video

Today I’m proud to introduce the AMD ryzen 5000 series mobile processors powered by our news n three core.
These new chips offer both tremendous performance and long battery life.
In fact, AMD is the only company with an eight core x86 processor for ultra thin For many years, the notebook PC market was on an incremental pace by combining our leadership design capabilities with seven nanometer process technology.
Our 4000 series mobile processors launched last year set a new performance trajectory for notebook processors.
And we continue that new performance trajectory in 2021 with our ryzen 5000 series mobile processors You can expect to do more to be more productive and to have more immersive gaming experiences with a notebook powered by our new rise in mobile processors.
Now what’s so many of us working and learning from home in 2020 the performance and capabilities of our home PC actually defined how we worked and how we learn and much of our social interaction We saw our productivity, our ability to create and our opportunities to connect limited by the computing power of our PC.
And for many of us, we wanted more our new AMD ryzen 5000 series mobile processors.
For ultra thin notebooks will be a significant step forward in performance and efficiency with up to eight of our news and three cores.
The AMD ryzen 5000 series are the best processors in the world for thin and light notebooks whether you’re running general office productivity applications or more CPU intensive tasks like video rendering, photo editing or 3d design.
The ryzen 5000 series actually sets the new bar for leadership performance.
Now the AMD ryzen 750, 800 view is our best ultra thin notebook processor.
It has eight cores 16 threads with a boost up to 4.4 gigahertz.
And all of this while operating within a 15 watt thermal design that’s required for these ultra thin notebooks.
Now when you take a look at the benchmarks across a large range of applications, it’s just very clear that the ryzen 750 800, you just runs your software faster.
It’s a very special product, the fastest x86 processor in the world for thin and light notebooks.
Now, the performance is really great, but in the notebook form factor.
Battery life is also extremely important.
And this is where the energy efficiency of the Zen three chord truly shines.
We’ve just done a ton of optimization in this space.
And with the rising 5000 series, you can expect up to 17 and a half hours of general use and 21 hours of video playback on a single charge.
Now that’s a major jump compared to our previous generation and through all day battery life.
Now notebook customers don’t just buy thin and light laptops, but millions of people actually buy notebooks to play PC games.
AMD has a rich history in PC gaming and deep ties to the gaming community.
Gamers actually want desktop like performance in the notebook form factor and that’s exactly what we built.
Our new HX series mobile processors raise the bar for gaming notebooks.
The HX brand actually represents our commitment to build the best processors for gaming.
They feature the same Zen 3 cores from our best in class ryzeng 5000 desktop processors that deliver leadership frame rates.
They’re also unlocked for overclocking, and have higher thermal ratings for sustained performance which is key for gaming.
Now let me introduce you to our top of the line rising nine h x processors.
The 5900 h x boosts up to 4.6 gigahertz, while the 59 at h x boosts up to 4.8 gigahertz both within eight cores and thermal design power of 45 watts or higher.
Now let’s take a look at the rising 5900 atrex in action.
What you’re looking at here is a very graphics intensive game Horizon Zero Dawn running on our new ryzen 5900 atrex processor.
We’re running this game at 1080 p with a high detailed preset to really stress the CPU And as you can see, our new mobile atrex processors are delivering smooth frame rates of over 100 frames per second.
And for all of you looking for a mobile 4k experience, I’m happy to report that gaming notebooks featuring our new atrex processors are also capable of delivering smooth gaming experiences when running at 4k at high sets.
Now turning to some benchmarks versus a competition.
Whether you’re talking about single threaded performance or overall CPU performance, the AJAX series wins by a wide margin.
This is why the best gaming notebooks of 2021 will be powered by AMD rising mobile Ajax processors to bring the rising 5000 Mobile processors to market.
We’re really pleased with the strong partnership with the industry’s leading PCOEMs.
This year, we expect the number of notebook designs powered by our new generation or Ryzen mobile processors to grow by 50% compared to the Ryzen 4000 series.
We expect more that 150 ultrathin gaming and professional notebooks powered by Ryzen 5000 series to launch this year.
This means even more choice for consumers.
And you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on these new systems with the first notebooks expect it to be on sale from the world’s top notebook providers in February.
We couldn’t be more excited about what the ryzen 5000 will do for you in 2021.

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