April 13, 2021
Amazon's watching drivers, Google Fit gets smarter - Video

Amazon’s watching drivers, Google Fit gets smarter – Video

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Amazon said it plans to equip its delivery vans with cameras powered by artificial intelligence.
In an effort to improve driver safety.
The AI cameras were developed by transportation management technology startup Natural Dine and issue warnings about potential safety issues.
The in cab warnings have been shown to reduce collisions as well as improve driver behavior.
The news has ruffled feathers as some Amazon drivers called the cameras a threat to privacy.
Google unveiled a new features for tracking breathing and heart rates on smartphones.
For the heart rate tool placing a finger on top of the rear camera lens lets the software analyze subtle changes of color in the fingertip.
The breathing tool uses the front facing camera where the software can detect small movements of the chest.
These features are coming in a new version of Google Fit that will arrive on pixel phones first Then other Android devices later, there’s a new report that claims to have details about Apple’s rumored virtual reality headset.
The information says the headset will have more than a dozen cameras and the ability to create a mixed reality effect using a visor.
It would also feature eye tracking, hand tracking and 8k displays.
The same report says, Apple’s headset could cost $3,000.
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