January 26, 2021
Amazon's Prime Day overcomes a long delay to post better sales

Amazon Prime Day in full swing as Apple shows off next iPhones – Video

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Amazon Prime Day is in full swing Tuesday and runs until Wednesday.
CNET is curating a list of the best deals all day long, including TV streamers, speakers and beyond.
The annual day of discounts is usually held in the summer, but it was delayed worldwide.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, now having it in mid October can feel like an early start to the holiday shopping season.
Competitors like Walmart and Best Buy are also offering sales now to pull attention away from Amazon.
And this year, it will seem like Black Friday is just one big stretched out sales season.
As many retailers are choosing not to cram sales into Thanksgiving weekend, in order to avoid in person crowds at stores, and if you are expecting some Amazon delivery soon, you may find new ways to get creative with the boxes.
A new app called Amazon augmented reality creates animated sharable, silly moments.
Like animated floating pumpkins, when you use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code printed on the Amazon box.
Meanwhile, it’s a big day for Apple.
The company is expected to reveal the next iPhone models and these would be the first iPhones to work over 5g wireless networks based on early leaks and reports.
It seems Apple will have four models of iPhones.
Including an iPhone 12 Mini on the low end, and an iPhone 12 Pro max on the high end.
There is also speculation that Apple is gonna begin selling a home pod Mini, which could be a smaller version of its Smart Home speaker.
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