January 20, 2021
Amazon Prime Day deal on a USB-C portable monitor: Lepow Z1 only $150

Amazon Prime Day deal on a USB-C portable monitor: Lepow Z1 only $150



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Finding a good computer monitor for less than $200 since March has not been easy. Finding one that’s easily portable so you can expand your screen space no matter where you’re working is tricky, too. The Lepow Z1-Black and Z1-Silver manage to fall into those narrow parameters and for Amazon Prime Day, their prices are now well below $200. 

Each is a 15.6-inch IPS display with a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution, but one has a black frame while the other is silver. You can connect to and power the monitor through its USB-C port, but there’s also a mini-HDMI port and both types of cables are included. The protective cover doubles as a stand and the display can be used horizontally or vertically. It even has built-in stereo speakers to use in case you’re connected to something like a game console that doesn’t have its own speakers. 

The Z1-Silver is currently a Lightning Deal for $140 and Z1-Black is $150 as part of Prime Day. Lepow also has a slightly higher-end version, the Z1-Gamut, that has an improved color gamut compared to the other Z1 models. It’s currently $199 but there’s a coupon that can be applied for $40 off. While I haven’t used the regular version, I have tried out the Z1-Gamut and it does work as promised, but I have not seen it side-by-side with the others. It’s not going to replace a wide-color-gamut display costing hundreds of dollars more, but it’s fine for general use. I’ve been working on my laptop all over my house and the design is great for instantly creating a dual-display workspace. Plus, my kids can easily hook up our Nintendo Switch to it for gaming.

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