January 28, 2021
4 best uses for Amazon Echo in your living room

Amazon Echo reviews are in, Sony details more PS5 stuff – Video

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The reviews are in for the fourth generation Amazon Echo and generally it is good sound quality is improved compared to the previous.
Version that is helped by the echoes adaptive sound, which can adjust to the acoustics of the room it’s in.
The newest echo also features built in Smart Home Hardware that was not present in the older model.
That means the new echo has brought in the range of gadgets that users can install in their house without the hassle of a separate Smart Home hub.
Sony continues to trickle out information about its upcoming Playstation five.
This time Sony has outlined what media apps you can expect.
At launch, you’ll be able to access services like Netflix and YouTube.
Amazon Prime Hulu and others will come at a later date.
Sony also showed off the PS 5 media remote, which has dedicated buttons for Disney plus Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.
NASA T’s quote an exciting new discovery about the moon and quote, The agency will hold a teleconference on October 26 To share new science results from a Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, the news is expected to tie in with the Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the moon in 2024.
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