March 4, 2021
All the best tech highlights of CES 2021 - Video

All the best tech highlights of CES 2021 – Video

CES 2021 might be an old virtual show but that doesn’t mean the tech is any less exciting this year.
From flying cars to transparent TVs, here’s the best stuff you need to know from the show.
Now it wouldn’t be CES without some wild concept gadgets including raises project Brooklyn.
This looks like the gaming chair dreams are made of.
It has a transparent OLED that wraps around to fully immerse you in the game.
It’s got a leather seat, of course with haptic feedback, and there’s RGB lights because well it’s razor The other concept that took everyone by surprise was the Cadillac, Evtol air taxi from GM.
It’s powered by batteries and supposedly traveled up to 56 miles an hour but we don’t have any more details yet.
On when it might become a reality or even what it would cost.
When it comes to show stopping TVs there were a few that really caught our eye but leave it to LG Display to show us the wildest concepts for transparent OLED TVs.
One version is designed for a smart bed so it’s a 55 inch screen that rolls up from the foot of the bed.
Another is a restaurant partition at a sushi bar so you can watch a video while you wait for your food.
There’s even a subway train window to show the weather, the news, or maps, while you’re taking the view of the outside world.
On the topic of up their displays, get ready for rollable phones.
LG showed us a quick snake pick of its rollable concept and TCL also has its own rollable phone that goes from a 6.7 inch display to a 7.8 inch tablet.
It’s no surprise that pandemic tech is a big thing this year from raises project Hazel which is an N 95 masks with audio processing pods to make sure your voice isn’t muffled and a sterilizing case.
Up tech also showed us the robots a robot designed to roll around workplaces or schools and disinfect them with UVC light.
Samsung also showed us a robot designed to give us a hand around the home.
It’s a single arm robot with an articulating arm that can detect the object it’s picking up and know how to handle it accordingly.
So if it’s a wineglass, for example, it doesn’t smash it.
It can even set the table or pack the dishwasher.
All right, let’s get out of dreamland now and talk about the tech you can actually buy later this year.
Samsung showed off a whole slew of QLED TVs that promise a brighter picture in either 4K or 8K resolution on the high end models called Neo QLED.
They’re also optimized for next gen consoles like the PS five and Xbox series x and there’s even an option to attach a camera and do a workout in your living room.
But here’s the catch.
The fitness coach will actually judge your form.
On the laptop side, there’s always a lot to see at CES but the most innovative has to be the Asus zenbook duo.
It’s got dual screens is smaller and lighter than the previous generation and that second screen is pretty versatile.
You can scrub a long footage in video editing software like Premiere or control parts of your image in Photoshop.
If it’s time to renovate the bathroom, well, I have the tub for you.
It’s called the Stillness Bath from Kohler and it uses life Fog and aroma therapy to bring the spa experience to you.
It’s not cheap, ranging in price from 6000 to $16,000.
But hey, a girl can dream.
And one of the other surprises is actually lipstick, the ROGUE SUR MESURE from YSL is a gadget that makes whatever lipstick shade you want.
The app lets you play with shades to find your perfect color.
And it’s not exactly cheap but $300 But unlike a lot of out there concepts from CES, this one’s actually a real product and you can pre order it now.
That’s a wrap on CES 2021.
And for more cool tech and topics from the show, make sure to stay tuned to see that.

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