September 21, 2020
All-Clad's factory seconds sale has luxury cookware down 70%

All-Clad’s factory seconds sale has luxury cookware down 70%

When All-Clad cookware goes on sale, we take note. The Pennsylvania-based metalcrafter has become one of the most sought after kitchen and cookware brands anywhere, known for quality, eye-candy cookware that can take a beating and still perform consistently for decades or longer. For those same reasons, All-Clad cookware isn’t exactly budget-friendly. That is until the All-Clad factory seconds sales via the Home & Cook Sales site offers everything from All-Clad cookware sets to bakeware, accessories and even this fancy multifunction prep and cook food processor at a deep discount — some as much as 70% off.

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“Factory seconds” or “second quality” simply means items may have minor manufacturing defects like a dent or scratch, but it won’t affect their performance. In most cases, the defects are barely even noticeable. Some items in this sale are also la

eled “damaged packing,” which means exactly what it sounds like but should have no bearing on the condition of the All-Clad product itself.

Check out our top picks for the All-Clad factory seconds sale, happening now and ending tomorrow. 

This 8-inch frying pan is just the size you’ll want to use all the time for quick jobs. All-Clad’s three-ply bonded stainless steel means exceptional heating performance, even over induction cooking. Great for searing, browning and frying. The flat bottom and flared sides of this 8-inch fry pan make it easy to toss food or to turn it with a spatula. You can also add a 1-quart saucepan and make it a set for $100.


An extremely versatile pan for browning, searing and pan roasting, the All-Clad stainless steel 3-quart pan with lid features large cooking surface and tall, straight sides to prevent splattering. A stainless steel interior and bonded three-layer construction with aluminum core deliver All-Clad’s signature even heating with fewer cold or hot spots. 


A curated set of All-Clad pots and pans featuring cookware from three different All-Clad collections. A perfect set if you like using various materials (stainless, nonstick and so on). This collection has a 8-inch triple-ply nonstick fry pan, 10-inch D3 armor fry pan, 3-quart triple-ply stainless steel saute pan and 6-quart gourmet pasta pot. A $500 value for just $350 during the sale. 


This truly may be as close to a personal sous chef as you’re going to get without having to shell out an hourly rate and benefits. This miracle machine chops, stirs, mixes, kneads, whips, slow cooks and stir-fries — all at the touch of a button. And it’s half off, thanks to some minor packaging damage. 

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