January 19, 2021
Alexa's best hidden talent lets you make your own commands - Video

Alexa’s best hidden talent lets you make your own commands – Video

Here is my favourite trick for amazon assistant in action.
How do you lie my facial hair?
It looks great, and not perky at all.
Hey, what a genuine and truthful compliment, so year, you can program custom command and responses for amazon assistant.
Here’s how to do it.
I, like most of you I’m stuck at home, fortunately, I’m finding new ways to amuse myself with this Amazon echo dot smart speak.
You can use one to play music, control smart devices, check the weather [UNKNOWN] Let’s all very well start with And it’s a cool device even without custom commands.
But you can make custom commands.
By the way we’re removing the wake words so we don’t trigger your own eco devices.
What’s the best city in the world?
I like bourbon.
So I’ll go with Louisville, Kentucky.
Well, that’s where I live.
But in the world, really?
I mean, I might have gone to New York or Chicago or maybe Brussels for the beer but okay.
Is that your honest answer?
It definitely wasn’t a response program by you moments ago.
Well, so I was right to act surprised.
How about that.
All right.
Let me show you how to actually do this.
You’ll need a browser.
You can actually create custom commands in the app yet.
So on your computer or browsing method of choice, go to blueprints.amazon.com.
The link is posted below the video.
If you just want to Here’s what it looks like.
You want to make sure you’re logged into the same account here as on your Alexa app.
Check that in the upper right, this custom QA.
You’ll see some samples to get your own ideas sorted then hit a couple of notes here, your question, he had had more than Ten words, no special characters, and the prompt even warns you about keeping your words simple.
Proper nouns and complex words might be tricky for Amazon to properly process and understand, and you want this to be fluent.
You can also add alternate phrasing to any questions.
So what’s the So this video game but maybe you’d sometimes ask.
What’s your favorite video game or what’s the best game ever made the answer to all these obviously is Dark Souls.
So then I just fill in the response.
You’ll need to say the words you wrote exactly to trigger a response.
So try to think through any alternate phrasing you might use Then just create the scale.
If this is your first time, Amazon will tell you, you’re actually creating a developer account.
Hit OK.
And it’ll update.
You’ll need to give it a minute, but then you can speak your new command.
If you don’t like a response anymore or you discover an alternate phrase you’d like to use, you can just edit the skill of using the same interface.
Just go to Skills you’ve made > My Questions > EDIT.
And there you have it.
Should viewers like and subscribe?
Please do, and thnks for watching.
You heard the lady, and thank you from me as well.
Okay, you did pretty good.
Maybe a little quicker on some of the responses, but I thought we had a natural given take there.
Yeah thanks.
Hopefully we can work again together soon.

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