January 23, 2021
Acer is ready for 2021 with 11th-gen Intel, fast gaming monitors and tools for creatives

Acer’s Swift 3x is ready for your next creative project with Intel’s help – Video

So this is the Acer swift three x and aside from this blue hinge, it doesn’t look too different from the swift that’s already available.
But this swift This one has a secret surprising side
This is one of the first laptops to use Intel’s Iris x Emacs, and that’s a new discrete graphics chip from Intel.
That gives it an edge over integrated graphics that you typically find in a thin and light laptop like this.
t’s also potentially able to take a bite out of AMD latest chips and Nvidia’s entry level discrete graphics, like the MX 350.
Now this is a pre production sample so it’s not 100% what you’ll find when it goes on sale in December starting at $900.
And the configuration I have here is expected to be around 1200 dollars with an 11th Gen Core i 716 gigs of memory and a one terabyte NVMe SSD, and it will be in blue, not gold.
But again because it’s an early sample I don’t have any hard numbers on performance.
In this configuration while it has discrete graphics isn’t made for gaming.
But it’s more for some of the basic needs of a creator and creatives.
So with this, you’ll be able to do things like light photo and video editing, basic graphic design.
It’s not going to replace a workstation.
But it gives you something lightweight to get those things done when you’re on the go, and it should have better battery life.
Now the idea essentially is that since you’ll have both an Intel CPU and GPU and they’re designed to work together So it’ll be able to intelligently shift performance to whatever it is you’re doing, and that should help with battery life.
A search says it’ll get up to 17 hours, but that’s going to depend on what you’re doing.
That’s probably not going to be video editing..
Or gaming for that matter, because while it’s not made for gaming, you can definitely game on it casual gaming at least.
And you can even do it while you’re not plugged in.
So that’s what’s Inside the swift three x now what about the rest right well, you’ve got this nice 14 inch full HD display that has 300 nits brightness and covers 72% NTSC color gamut.
But it also has a nice matte finish so you’re not fighting reflections.
And when you lift the lid the hinges designed to lift the rear of the keyboard up So that you’re typing at a better angle.
Now the keyboard itself is comfortable and it’s backlit and the touchpad is smooth and responsive.
And there’s a fingerprint reader here off to the side.
And with the 11th Gen Intel chips you’re also getting Wi Fi six and Bluetooth 5.1 and there is a single Thunderbolt four port It’s disappointing not to find an SD or microSD card slot here, since this is designed for amateur creators, but it’s not the end of the world.
What is nice though is that it is really light.
It only weighs three pounds or 1.4 kilogrammes, which is really nice considering the potential performance here.
Now, it also has dual heat pipes to help keep this from getting too warm while it’s on your lap no matter what you’re doing.
Now, hopefully we’ll get our hands on a full production version here in December to see how it measures up against the regular swift three I tested early in the year with the AMD ryzen.
740 700 you in it.
Now, what do you think?
Do you think Intel can take on AMD and Nvidia in this space?
Let us know in the comments.
And be sure to check out more laptop information and reviews on cnet.com and thanks for watching.

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