January 23, 2021
Acer's new ConceptD 7 and ConceptD 7 Pro - Video

Acer’s new ConceptD 7 and ConceptD 7 Pro – Video

Rethinking our home studio.
the home studio has to be equipped with devices that is providing type of performance we need.
Come with styles that we appreciate and The color precision, the work and dye.
For that, I would like to introduce my colleague Manalo to join me.
How are you doing malolo Well, how are you Jason?
It has been a long day for you.
It has been a long day for me too.
I’m sure.
But also very exciting day because today we are announcing the E concept the seven and concept E seven Pro.
To do that we partnered with Sydney based motion designer and future weapon married to take it for a spin.
Let’s watch the video.
Hi, I’m Ben Marriot.
I am a motion designer and I teach motion design skills on YouTube.
Working on different clients and on personal work I have to design and animate in a lot of styles aisa sent me the new concept D seven pro before the event to check it out.
So let’s see how it does when creating one animation in 12 different styles I animated this bouncing orange character frame by frame There are 12 frames in this animation.
So I’m taking each one I’m going to approach creating it in a different way using various software and materials.
I spend most of my days inside after effects with a lot of layers and a lot of effects so powerful CPU and lots of RAM a very necessary to work quickly and effectively.
With the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i seven processor and 32 gigabytes of RAM the concept D seven pro makes it run like butter.
It comes with a choice between an NVIDIA GeForce r TX or Quadro RTX x graphics.
I’m personally favorable to the Quadro GPU.
So that’s what I’m using.
And this is a huge help, especially when working with 3D assets and animation.
I’ve been cautious to use 3D in the past just because of how hardware intensive and slow to render it is on my old chain.
I’m also very curious about creating and VR so I decided to tackle one frame using quill which is very new to me and a surprisingly intuitive way to sculpt.
And as much as I love using the latest technology to improve my workflow, sometimes there’s no replacement for the real thing.
So I make any excuse to work traditionally and combine that with the benefits of digital art.
A 4k monitor is also essential for my workflow, especially in After Effects when I want to have all of the panels open and I love that it has a matte finish and isn’t.
Incredibly color accurate.
This is really useful when putting everything together and making sure that all the colors stay consistent and vibrant every frame.
Now with twelve frames and twelve different styles character has found new life.
Whilst using the concept de seven pro I got to experiment with new software push my designs into new areas completely unbridled.
Which animation style was your favorite.
Thank you, Ben that 3D modeling and kilo is actually pretty cool.
So let’s go have a closer look at the content D 7. Similar to the rest of the concert D lineup.
The concert D seven comes with your graphics of choice.
Is the conceptD7 equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max Q graphics?
Which is perfect for 2D and 3D projects such as video editing, and motion design.
For even more demanding tasks like engineering and CAD modeling.
The conceptD7 Pro comes equipped with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics, which is able to handle even the most computing intensive tasks.
No matter which version you choose, they are both Nvidia pseudo certified.
Which means you’re getting access to Nvidia studio drivers, which are able to accelerate trader software even further.
Insights 10th Gen Intel CPUs power the concept D7.
You get a configuration up to 32 gigs of DDR forum and two terabyte SSDs.
Apart from performance color accuracy is a cornerstone of concept DNA.
So we made sure that those 15.6 inch 4k displays on the quantity seven are incredibly color accurate.
They’re able to reproduce 100% of the Adobe Color space and a Pantone validated.
Inside three fans, combined with [INAUDIBLE] vortex flow technology, ensure that your device stays cool and responsive, even under heavy workloads.
Nobody likes noisy fans though, so we made also sure that while you’re working on your device, fan noise does not exceed sound levels of 40 dBA, which is roughly similar to the sound you would hear in a quiet library.
Since its inception, it is the mission of concept D to empower creators with just the right tools they need.
No matter if they are justifying their calling as design students are already established and working in the studio on next Hollywood blockbuster.
Why engineering the next record breaking Formula One car The spirit is represented in the print slogan that creators be creators.
So over the past 18 months, we have been working with critically acclaimed partners across the globe, such as design professionals, engineering companies and design schools to do just that.
Not only does concept de hardware empower their creation, but we also work with our partners to gather critical product feedback that directly informs the development of future product innovations.
Let’s have a look.The measure of a good product is the effect it has on the individual,on the ability for that to improve their life, the ability for them to have an emotional experience with a product As industrial designers we do what we do for the people that are using the products at the forefront of what we do.
Nothing matters more in F1 thanspeed and performance.
for us it’s important to be patners Are always the leaders on every single area as a leader in the IT system and therefore is important to have the top of the top political energy on every single topic and I think that we found the best possible
ConceptD offers the best in class PCs and monitors by breaking limits in technology, so that our engineers can reach new highs in car design.
My name is Cass and I am teaching, research and innovation department at good law.
It is abused that stretchy image industries need at the same time.
Very powerful.
We’re very proud of having this partnership between concept day and your brand.
Concept D is a really good machine for rendering because it has approximate power of a high performance desktop but it’s a laptop.
Once you get a concept D and you see the resolution to see the vibrant colors.
You see that sharp and then you know that you’re using the really impressive.
It’s fantastic to see the variety of breathtaking projects that have become possible with the help of concept D.

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