September 23, 2020
A new HomePod Mini? Amazon hiring even more workers - Video

A new HomePod Mini? Amazon hiring even more workers – Video

This is CNN and here are the stories that matter right now, according to a Bloomberg report, people familiar with, with Apple’s plans.
Say the company is planning to release a smaller and cheaper home pod.
This year details are few, but sources say the new home pod will be approximately half the size of the original.
It’ll keep the same design just on a smaller scale.
The report also claims an October release is likely.
Google has declared the company has eliminated its carbon legacy in a blog post on Monday.
The search and android giant reversed its carbon footprint by buying high quality carbon offsets.
Carbon emissions are a major issue for companies seeking to become more environmentally responsible.
Google has long pushed for sustainable operations.
It’s easier at a profitable tech giant than at a more conventional business.
Finally, Amazon said Monday, it’s hiring a hundred thousand more people in the U S and Canada to work in its warehouses to help it manage the surgeon online orders during the coronavirus pandemic.
The announcement comes after the e-commerce juggernaut already hired 175,000 more us warehouse workers earlier this year.
Amazon last week said it’d be holding a career day for another 33,000 job openings protect and corporate workers.
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