April 11, 2021
2022 Nissan Frontier: What's old is finally new - Video

2022 Nissan Frontier: What’s old is finally new – Video

You guys, literally after 17 years, Nissan has finally given us a new frontier.
I mean, this company has been selling the same truck since like 2005.
And we finally finally have a third generation midsize truck.
And I have to say, looks really good and I think it was worth the wait.
I mean, like, look at you guys.
It’s got so much character.
It’s amazing.
I can totally see the 1980s Nissan hardbody inspiration here, especially in the front of this pro four x with its painted grille and I really dig on these square shaped headlights too.
I love the orange accents on the pro four x but I think what I really like the most is just its size.
I mean mid size trucks are really it When it comes to combining maneuverability with utility, now the frontier did get a few inches longer overall, but the wheelbase and the width remained largely the same.
Frontier is going to be available in 2022 with a king or crew cab and a five or a six foot bed.
Now under the hood, well we’ve actually gotten a preview of that with the 2021 frontier.
The 3.8 liter V6 engine puts out a best in class 310 horsepower and 281 pound feet of torque, and that’s made it to a nine speed automatic transmission.
Now I haven’t had a chance to drive the 2021 frontier but our very own Craig Cole has and he says that it might be his favorite power train in the midsize pickup segment.
Smoother and more responsive than the Chevy Colorado’s B6 but sounding way better than the Ford Rangers boosted four cylinder and this new 3.8 litre Power Plan ensures a max payload rating of 1,610 pounds and Max towing of 6,720 pounds.
Now how does that compare to the competition?
Well, it doesn’t beat the Ford Ranger.
It’s more payload than the Colorado but it’s way less tell women that Colorado in terms of the Toyota Tacoma well there are a few configurations there that will tow and haul more but by and large, the frontier actually beat the venerable taco nuber 2022.
It’s a standard trailer sway control.
Which uses the brakes to help prevent that dreaded fishtail that you might have going on back there and you guys the fact that is new for 2022 [LAUGH] Just shows you how old this platform really was I mean that Tech has been around for years, as we’re off roading well, Nissan didn’t really give us any of those final measurements so I can give you another cool numbers like ground clearance or approaching or anything fun like that, but.
Pro four x is returning with Bilstein shocks are rear locker and skid plates for the front the two speed transfer case and for the fuel cell, it’s also wearing to 65 to 70 Hancock’s All Terrain tires wrapped around 17 inch wheels Now, those handcuffs aren’t really my favorite off road tire.
I’m more of a BFG cotu are a falcon wildpeak kind of gal but I mean those clocks are serviceable.
You for this year is a pro extreme that is only offered in two wheel drive.
It’s got the same a Bilstein shocks but will only be wearing the front skid plate.
Now Nissan says that this is for the customer that wants that rugged look of the pro for x but doesn’t necessarily need all of the capability.
I mean that’s kind of a bummer since keeping up momentum and a two wheel drive across the desert can be really fun.
But it can also end your day if you don’t have proper skin plating.
He’s on did spill the tea on the new off road mode in its 360 degree camera.
This now works at low speeds when you’re in four wheel drive low so you can get a view of what’s around you.
It’s always great to know exactly when you’re going to drop off that rock and not have to rely on a spotter Now if you were expecting a modern cabin, not so much you should really keep looking.
I mean, frankly, everything in the class is kind of blah, blah.
But Nissan really could have made a statement here in the interior and I’m kind of disappointed although one high point is the standard zero gravity seats.
I mean, no, they don’t actually defy gravity, but they are the most comfortable seats at this price point.
Do you like that Nissan has paid a lot of attention to interior storage.
The company says that the center console can hold four litres of stuff but they kind of missed the boat by not making that center console cool.
I mean, there’s nothing like just, reaching in there and having an ice cold beverage while you’re on the trail and you don’t even need ice or a core anything.
It’s just right there.
There’s also a ton of storage in the door pockets, as well as a cubby on top of the dash and there’s under seat storage in the second row.
A standard eight inch color touchscreen is running Nissan’s infotainment system up from the wee little 5.8 inch screen in the 2021 model and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard.
A biggest in class nine inch touch screen is also available as is wireless charging.
Now don’t look for Nissan’s ProPILOT assist here.
It is not.
Nissan says that it’s frontier customer isn’t really interested in a hands-on driver’s aid system.
Plus it requires an electronic power steering system and the frontier is still rocking a hydraulic rack.
Although the ratio did increase by 16% this year.
So inputs shouldn’t be pretty darn quick.
Nissan did not give us pricing or fuel economy numbers, only saying that it expects fuel economy to be right around the same to what it’s getting now 19 miles per gallon combined for four wheel drive or 20 miles per gallon combined for two wheel drive.
All new 2022 at Nissan Frontier it will be available in the summer of 2021.
And I can’t wait to drive it.

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