April 11, 2021
2021 Porsche Taycan RWD: What's not to like? - Video

2021 Porsche Taycan RWD: What’s not to like? – Video

It’s just so Tranquil in the countryside.
The first time I drove a Porsche Tycon was in the autumn of 2019.
It was a top of the range, turbo S and I was ambivalent at best.
I loved the looks inside and out.
And could see how it would be a lovely thing to live with the usual Evie caveats aside, but the driving experience left me a little cold.
Perhaps I was expecting too much, but for a car that was billed as sporty, it really didn’t do it for me.
I wanted to like it but I didn’t leave desperate to have another go.
Since then I’ve driven plenty of other abs and they’ve been intrigued to drive another taken away from the rushed timetable of launch.
Which brings us to this the other end for tycon range.
This time Well, it’s nice approaching it with a slightly different mindset and being able to drive it on roads that I know well and spend a little bit more time with it.
live with it, I suppose.
This type and by the way, is Well, it’s just a tie can.
Some people have been calling it the tie can rear wheel drive because it is rear wheel drive.
But Porsche just calls it Tyco.>> The first thing to say is that the tie can starts at 70.
80,690 pounds that is available with two sizes of battery, the standard 79.2 kilowatt hours single Decker performance battery, and the optional 93.4 kilowatt hour double decker performance battery plus, with a larger option, the WLTP measured range goes from 268 to 301 miles So it would definitely seem worth the extra 4,000 pounds.
The bigger battery also lifts power from 321 to 375 brake horsepower, but weight obviously increases to from 2,050 kilograms to 2,130.
We’ve got the bigger battery.
The other big option on this car is the switch from standard steel springs to three chamber air suspension.
The color by the way, is coffee beige metallic.
So what is this tie can like?
Well, the first thing I noticed when I got in was the steering because it’s really nice.
So actually the
This is accurate but also it just weights up nicely and it’s quite different actually to the Taycan Turbo S that I drove on the launch.
I heard reports of quite a bit of variation between cars on that launch, and this is certainly much better.
Whether it’s because there’s no front motor this time around I’m not sure, but whatever it is, this is the steering I want just to confuse and complicate matters further.
The tie-downs outputs increased to maximums of 469 brake horsepower and 484 pounds.
To sort of talk with launch control.
However, even though the rear wheel drive car still has a two speed gearbox with a shorter first for maximum acceleration, and up to 62 mile an hour time of 5.4 seconds the same with both batteries is merely brisk rather than next napping.
Although the note 16 is not mind blowing by any Stretch.
When you’re just driving, you still have that nice electric car punch, the ability to overtake, the ability to get out of a corner quickly.
I think it’s every bit as quick as you need it to be for not just everyday use, but actually to be enjoyable as well.
And I actually quite like the fact that because there’s less power and talk, the throttle pedal seems more natural in the way that it it reacts.
It doesn’t feel jerky it feels slightly smoother and easier to guide the car down the road.
One of the things that I didn’t really get with a title and the first time I drove it was the regenerative braking, the braking in general, I suppose, but particularly the region.
Now, I’ve driven quite a few more electric cars since then, and I think probably my favorite remains the Pollstar too and I really enjoyed The one pedal feel of that.
Porsche does something interesting with its regenerate, it obviously, it wants you to still have accelerated to go and the brake to stop.
So the region comes when you hit the brake pedal and then only really when you lean on it, do you actually put pad to disk, Given that it’s actually doing a sort of dual function, I think it’s hugely impressive the way they’ve managed to marry the two up.
Blend both region and normal breaking into the brake pedal.
I still think that the ability to have more driver interaction with the region would be nice under solution of increasing or decreasing it with paddles on the back of the wheel could work well in the TICAD.
Anyway, onto the tires which are by modern standards, quite balloon like with 45 profile on the rear and 55 profile on the front and I think they are wonderful.
I actually really like the look of bit more sidewall and the rise undoubtedly improves because of having that extra bit of squidge.
The roads around here certainly aren’t great and there are bits that i know really well and bits that i just Almost winter’s coming up to them because you know you’re going to feel the tide juddering over the broken tarmac in this.
Not a bit of it.
It really adds quite a bit to the luxurious feeling of this car.
So yes, 19 inch rims, biggest sidewalls.
For the wind, suddenly I think has changed with time is the Porsche electric sound.
So I’ve got it set up on the and configurable button here.
I’ll pop it on here.
You can also get it by putting in sport glass first and put in sport classroom.
Again, I feel like this electric sound is something that has Improved since I drove that early car.
It now seems much more in tune with what the car is actually doing.
It’s certainly very sci-fi, tick on the breaking that sound.
I quite like it.
I haven’t had it on all the time because I think it can get a little, Wearing after a while, but it’s actually quite nice.
I think when you’re in Sport Plus mode, when you want that maximum engagement with the car, it’s quite nice to have actually.
The ride on those big cycles is actually so good that you can just leave it in Sport Plus all the time.
And the trouble is then obviously, you do deplete the battery rather more, which means you have to go and charge it up.
But more frequently we will reach.
You join me Whilst we’re charging them because this is a battery electric vehicle, obviously we have to talk about charging and about how you should be charging at home and then it makes sense.
But if you have to go out and do a longer journey, will the network support you when you get there and find that it’s not working when you plug in and is it going to be expensive?
Have you got the right subscription, all these things.
We talk about the inconvenience an awful lot.
And i talk about an awful lot.
But actually i thought the other day, perhaps we’re thinking about it the wrong way.
Perhaps we should have more of an adventurous pioneering spirit we should be embracing this.
No, it might not be as convenient But perhaps it’s more exciting, perhaps we should get a thrill from being at the cutting edge finding all these things out.
The people I talked to who have AVs who actually really liked finding out what they can do here there, how it changes more quickly with sort of certain states of battery, all these sorts of things.
That’s what my parents about, motoring in the 60s and it wasn’t very convenient back then, relief started out on a journey and cars weren’t that reliable and petrol stations weren’t sort of dotted around every single corner and open 24 hours.
So, yes, perhaps we’ve just got to used to convenience.
And perhaps that’s a good thing.
Perhaps we should be used to convenience.
I don’t know.
I just thought Perhaps as enthusiasts, we should be excited about the possibility of embracing new technology at the bleeding edge at the start.
I’m not saying it’s the right attitude or the wrong attitude.
It’s just a thought.
Right 61%.
4.4 miles a minute recharging it.
So, hopefully will be done soon.
We’re back on the road.
It is a lovely interior in this car.
It’s just very Porsche, really.
But I like the.
Frameless Pinnacle touchscreens?
Well, yes, I’ve said plenty about touchscreens in the past, so I’m not gonna focus on on that.
What I’ll say is heads up displays.
There should be more heads up displays.
As soon as I got into this, this is a lovely, clearly visible one actually and They’re brilliant, because they’re sort of the the opposite of touchscreens in terms of being distracting.
They’re just there in your peripheral vision and you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to look at them.
It’s just a quick glance absolutely where you want it and Yeah, fewer touchscreens please.
More heads up displays.
They don’t like it just get rid of it.
I’ve got it configured on that button then.
Of course with no front motor This is not only the lightest tycoon, but also the one with most 911 lightweight Distribution.
So what is it like being just rear wheel drive?
Can you feel it?
Most of the time?
Not really.
traction is still standing on the slippery greasy winter roads.
Yes, you find a tight corner then you can provoke it if you want to, but it’s not certainly doesn’t feel sort of Wildly untamable with all that instant talk, only going to the rear wheels.
The more I drove it, the more I grew to like it and found the natural rear wheel drive balance rather enjoyable and predictable, certainly more so than the other is.
The combination of the battery steering on this car.
And probably just the pure feeling of power only going to one axle is I think it does make it just a bit more enjoyable.
It’s not rivaling a 911 but maybe something like a Panamera.
Yeah, you can definitely still obviously feel the weight in this car.
Lighter though.
It may be There’s no disguising over to tons, even when it’s all low down in the car.
I criticize the VW Audi three for being unengaging and driving this, which I think is the first Evie I’ve driven since really reinforces that because it’s not About the drive train.
It’s about everything else the steering and the ride and the handling.
And Evie doesn’t have to be aloof, like that was.
Dynamically, this is the best electric car that I have driven, unlike the Tyco on turbo acid actually ignited a glimmer of hope for the future in terms of driving enjoyment, and as I’ve said, far from being a disadvantage.
I think the comparative lack of power and talk, it’s actually a good thing.
And surely in an electric car, with the network as it currently is, you do want the one with the most range.
If that also happens to be the cheapest one,
it makes it a no brainer in my My eyes

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