May 25, 2020
2021 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid electric range estimates released

2021 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid electric range estimates released

23 miles of all-electric motoring at your service.


BMW is ready to drop some electrification into its banner 3 Series model with the 2021 330e plug-in hybrid. While we’ve already driven the car dressed with European specifications, the EPA got its hands on the car as US customers will experience it for official fuel economy and range ratings.

The electric range estimates won’t break any records, but the EPA said this week the 330e plug-in hybrid will go 23 miles with the 12 kilowatt-hour battery all juiced up. Opt for the 330e xDrive model with all-wheel drive and the estimate falls to 20 miles of electric range. After drivers deplete the range, the 330e will function like a traditional hybrid, sharing motivational duty between the battery, electric motor and the 2.0-liter turbo-four engine.

With everything working together, the EPA estimates drivers will return 75 miles per gallon equivalent combined for the rear-wheel drive model and 67 mpge for the xDrive model.

The plug-in hybrid models do their best to handle performance and efficiency in one package with 288 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque available. Do note, those are peak figures since BMW tossed in what it calls “XtraBoost” to provide 40 hp extra for 10 seconds when the driver wants it. Still, owners will take fewer trips to the gas pump with the hybrid system onboard and they’ll still receive a well-performing 3 Series, as we noted in our first drive review.

The 330e models are supposed to arrive at US dealers next month, though it’s not clear if the coronavirus outbreak created any delays. Buyers shopping the sedans will find a $45,545 starting price after a $995 destination charge and a lengthy list of extra-cost options to outfit the plug-in hybrid with a whole lot of gear.

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