May 30, 2020
2020 BMW M850i Gran Coupe: For the luxury sport driver who wants a bit more - Video

2020 BMW M850i Gran Coupe: For the luxury sport driver who wants a bit more – Video

The eight series is back.
Y’all hoity toity luxury types were all twitterpated.
Last year when BMW brought back its big coupe.
But now for 2020.
It gets even bigger with the grand coupe.
So come on with me and let’s go for a drive.
So how much bigger is the grand coop than the coop?
Well, quite a lot.
It’s nine inches longer overall it’s got a longer wheelbase.
It’s wider and it’s taller and it really strikes a presence on the road and I mean it should, right.
It’s over 16 and a half feet long.
But all of that extra girth turns it to more room inside.
I’ve got more head room up here, and even better, there’s actually room for passengers in that rear seat.
There’s LED lighting all the way around, and the high beams are laser lights, I know, laser, yes I know we were all promised sharks with freaking laser beams attached to them, but right now, it’s just gonna be on cars.
The interior is just as luxurious and full of fine materials as you would expect.
The seats are really comfortable, they’re heated and cooled and they’re also really supportive.
I don’t feel like I’m sliding around that much.
Overall the design in here is a little bit more clinical and cold than what you would find in say the emotional design of armor.
Mercedes Benz, but what I really like is this whole central control area because I total dig on this metal mesh trim and this glass shifter, I mean it’s all just tray tray fancy.
Right now I can’t really think of another car I’d rather have for an afternoon drive, especially here in comfort mode because It just soaks up the bumps so easily.
The eight speed automatic transmission, it shifts so smoothly and imperceptibly that if I didn’t see it happening on the tachometer, I wouldn’t even think that this thing shifted at all.
In general, the power delivery is just really easy.
I mean, I go as far as to say that it’s easy like Sunday morning.
But when you put your foot into it, this thing can turn into a blood-thirsty barbarian, and yeah, I said barbarian.
I mean, it’s a classy barbarian, but it’s still a barbarian.
Although, this is not a full-fledged M-vehicle.
If you want that you’re gonna have to go up to the M8.
Instead you can think of the M850i as Heavily influenced by M. I’ve got M-sport wheels, M-brakes, the M-steering wheel in here.
Adaptive suspension and a upgraded differential.
Under the hood is a really stellar 4.4 liter, twin-turbo V8 engine making 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque.
We talked about comfort mode, but sport mode is really where it’s at.
That’s where everything is gonna tighten up just a little bit.
You’re gonna get better throttle response, quicker transmission shifts and a little bit better engine noise.
But my bag is with Sport Plus because it’s loud.
The engine note really comes into the cabin and you get a lot of like girdles and pops, and everything.
Lift up off of the throttle.
Now on backwards I can really feel the weight of the Grand coupe.
It’s about 300 pounds more than the regular coupe.
But there’s a lot of things that are going on to help mitigate that weight and make sure that this car doesn’t get out of sorts.
Yes, there is all wheel drive, but there’s also rear steering.
So it really keeps this car rotating through the term.
Plus torque vectoring keeps that power going where it needs to go when it needs to go there.
But I really do like this steering, I mean the turn in is nice and crisp, but there’s a good feel to it, a good weight and I actually get some feedback from the road which is awesome.
And the brakes, man it’s really nice having these upgraded M brakes because it really helps scrub speed off of this heavy vehicle Quickly.
But look, it can’t all be fun and games and the ma 50 is a lot of drivers aides kind of help get you through that commute.
Now I’m sure there’s you know, the debugger these days blind spot monitoring and lane keeping it says but i really like the assistant drive because it takes adaptive cruise control and adds a really good lane centering technology.
Within that, and what’s great about it is it can come to a full and complete stop for 30 seconds 30 seconds it will pause and you don’t have to tap on the gas or hit the Resume button to get it going again like you do in a lot of different vehicles, that lane 30 technology It really does a good job of keeping the bang center in the lane.
It doesn’t turn too fast or too late.
So I’m not crowding one side or the other.
I’m really right in the center, which is nice.
And I’ve got some pretty cool graphics on this 12.3 inch gauge cluster here.
It shows me cars that are nearby, but you know, I could just I don’t know, look up and get all of the information into my brain.
But it’s nice to know what the car knows.
BMW’s eye drive is here on a 10.25 inch screen and I find eye drive to be a little confusing.
There is a lot of menus and submenus and the learning curve is pretty steep.
Having said that, a lot of people here at Road Show seemed to really like it.
And read auto is not available which is kind of a bummer but BMW did do a good thing and they got rid of that Stupid Apple CarPlay subscription.
Now you get it free for 20 years.
I don’t know what happens after 20 years but you get it for 20 years.
The bummer is that, that is done via an over the air update and this particular car hasn’t gotten it yet.
I know, bummer.
All right now it’s the part that you’ve all been waiting for.
And that is the price.
Now the 2020 BMW M850 I grand coupe starts at about $109,000.
But my tester here has got some extras like 40 $100 worth of carbon fiber on the outside, few more dribs and drabs plus $995 per destination and you’re looking at a grand total of 100 Hundred and 21,695 American dollars.
Now if it were me, I’d definitely be looking at the Porsche Panamera as well as the Mercedes Benz s class, and probably the Audi S seven as well.
But as it stands, you really can’t go wrong with this BMW.
Sure to get you exactly where you want to go and get you there in style.

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