Sealed surface is easy to clean and repels
dust and dirt


Long lasting protection


Excellent finish, long lasting,
protection from the elements


Protection against UV rays, preventing bleaching of your surfaces


Unicoatings™ UC 2K is a transparent clear two component Sol - gel hybrid coating based on a silicone-modified epoxy resin. The product is based on innovative chemistry and has specific properties resulting in extreme adhesion, as easy to clean surface, chemical resistance & extreme durability.


Over the years we have proven that the coating does not deteriorate, in many cases the coating remained like new after 8+ years in different climates including areas with high UV exposure and air pollution like sea side and close to railway yards.


UC 2K offers long lasting protection against most aggressive environmental influences like corrosion, chemical pollution, UV light and many more. Due to these properties the product is applied in a wide range of applications in the field of construction, marine, rail and road transport as well as preserving urban art objects.

UC2K Product

Available to purchase in assorted sizes (1 litre, 5 litres and 25 litres). Contact us for application advice or services.

Easy application ...

Application is possible using the accepted methods (rolling, brush-painting, spraying or by immersion). To achieve the most successful surface HLVP Spray application is recommended.

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Have our specialist come to you ...

Our licenced applicator and trainer in Australia is Stephen Weis from Graffiti Removals. For further information please contact us .

Graffiti Removals

What our clients are saying ...

I would proudly state that the first 2 Electric locomotives in the Netherlands are coated with UC2K Ionized layer ... We are planning to treat all of our assets with UC2K as it is complementary to our operational needs.

Ferhad Kalayci - Fleet Manager, Europe at ERS Railways

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